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California law mandates that all employees must be paid at least minimum wage. If you believe you have lost wages due to a violation of this law, get in touch with a minimum wage attorney at Shakouri Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA.

Understand How Your Wages Are Protected

As an employee in California, your right to minimum wage is guaranteed, but your minimum wage is rising. For employers who employ at least 26 employees, the minimum wage will increase over the next few years, starting at the beginning of 2017 with $10.50 and incrementally increasing to $15.00 by January of 2023. For employers with 25 employees or less, this increase is slightly delayed, as seen in the chart below.

The law additionally stipulates that when local, state, and federal minimum wage standards conflict, the employer must abide by the standard most beneficial to their employees.

Ensure that Your Employer Obeys the Law

If your employer has violated any part of California wage law, you have the right to litigate to recover your lost earnings. This course of action includes scenarios where your employer has:

  • Counted your tips as credit towards your legal minimum wage
  • Paid you lower than minimum wage because you were a minor
  • Paid you lower than minimum wage based on a written or verbal agreement

Whether you are being denied your proper earning now or whether it happened years in the past, you can seek legal redress. You can also hire a minimum wage lawyer in cases where your employer has retaliated against you for seeking your legal minimum wage.

At Shakouri Law Firm, we are dedicated to your right to earn a living. Our minimum wage attorneys are experienced with California wage law and can help you get the wages you’ve legally earned.

Don’t resign yourself to being paid less than you’re owed; call Shakouri Law Firm today to get the representation of a qualified minimum wage attorney in Los Angeles, CA. You can reach us at (310) 575-1827.