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I’ve worked with this firm on a number of matters and it has always been a pleasure. Ashkan is an exceptional litigator. He cares about his clients and is truly an outstanding advocate.
Allison W.

Beverly Hills, CA

Ashkan represnted me in my unpaid overtime claim and was able to settle my claim for a high value and without filing a lawsuit. I would recommend him to anyone who has been stiffed by their employer.
Arash S.

Los Angeles, CA

Ashkan Shakouri is an outstanding attorney. As a graduate of USC Law school and over 12 years of experience, his credentials are impeccable. Ashkan is a conscientious attorney who is mindful of his clients’ interests. He is an aggressive litigator and overall class act. I highly recommend his firm.
Derek Y.

Los Angeles, CA

Ashkan has exceptional knowledge of labor law. He has worked hard for me and my friends in matters and guided me thru the legal process. His advise is top notch and I would trust him with any legal issue.
Michael S.

Los Angeles, CA

Ashkan is wonderful! I called him in regards to an issue I was having with my employer & he was able to give me the right information I needed to make an educated decision to deal with the matter at hand in a very timely manner. He made himself available to me & I am so appreciative & grateful to have found him!

Lys M.

Los Angeles, CA

Ashkan represented me in a business dispute and I was very pleased with the outcome. He explained my rights and options to me clearly so that I could make an informed decision about my case. He was also responsive and always available to take my calls. Overall, he’s a great advocate.
Jilber F.

Los Angeles, CA

I would like to personally thank Ashkan and his ENTIRE staff for working so hard and diligently on this case for the last past 1 1/2. I can’t imagine how many work hours that went into “resolving” this case or even just bringing it to this point. Any time I needed help understandng what was going on in the case he responded right away w/ full explanation. I also believe this case started out pro bono too! So, thank you for ALL your hard work, thank you for being super aggressive. I know your firms going to do great because of your awesome work ethic! You deserve nothing but great success Ash! GREAT job uncovering all the case mysteries and illegal actitities!
Tyesha R.

Banker's Hill, San Diego, CA

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