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Unpaid Wages

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If you perform work for someone in any capacity, you are legally entitled to wages for that work. If your employer has failed to pay you or paid you less than what you legally earned, speak to an unpaid wages attorney at Shakouri Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA.

We’ll help you file an unpaid wages claim and represent your case, whether you choose to pursue a lawsuit through the court system or start a claim through the State Labor Department. Whatever the amount of earnings you’ve lost, we have the experience to help you recover what you’re rightfully owed.

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Typical Cases We Handle

An employer might withhold wages from an employee in a variety of situations. As an experienced unpaid wages lawyer, we can help with cases that involve:

  • Employers that pay their employees less than the legal minimum wage.
  • Employers that don’t pay their employees legal overtime.
  • Employers that have their employees work off the clock without pay.
  • Employers who don’t pay their employees or contractors the amount agreed upon.
  • Employers who don’t pay employees for their on-call time.
  • Employers who ask their employees to work from home or off-site without pay.

Whether you haven’t been paid the full amount you are owed or haven’t been paid at all, California labor laws exist to help you. A qualified unpaid wage lawyer can help ensure that the law functions as it should on your behalf.

We’ll work with you to identify how your employer has withheld wages from you and help you with your claim. We’ll then stay with you throughout the entire claims or litigation process and represent you in the legal system. We’ve helped our clients recover millions in missing wages and we’re confident we can help you too.

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