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When you report misconduct at the workplace to a government agency or to a supervisor, your employer may try to retaliate against you. This means they may:

  • Fire you
  • Demote you
  • Cut your hours
  • Engage in any other form of retaliation that affects your job

If this happens, your employer may be breaking the law and you should retain legal representation as soon as you can.

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At the Shakouri Law Firm, we are compassionate, aggressive, and dedicated advocates for our clients. We fully understand your legal rights and know that if you have experienced unlawful retaliation by your employer that you may be entitled to compensation. With millions of dollars recovered for our clients, our firm knows how to win for our clients. Call our office today and let us do that for you.

What Are ‘Protected Activities’ Under the Law?

An employer may not fire or retaliate against employees who engage in actions protected by the law. There are two categories of protected activities:

1. Reporting or Refusing to Participate in Unlawful Activity Employees who report their employer’s potentially illegal conduct or refuse to participate in such conduct are protected against retaliation. An employee’s belief that there is illegal conduct must be both reasonable and in good faith.

2. Participating in an Investigation Employers cannot retaliate against employees who participate in an investigation, lawsuit, or hearing regarding the potentially illegal practices of their employer.

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What Kind of Compensation Can You Collect?

Compensation may be recovered for:

  • Lost wages
  • Emotional distress
  • Punitive damages


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